Satsang wired! Week-1

1 Aug

The telephone satsang on August 1st started off on a wonderful note.

At about 9:29 pm EST, an introduction to the satsang was given.  Aravind and Geetha from Orlando started off the satsang on an auspicious note – aka. with Mahamantra.

All of them chanted along with Aravind and soon we heard him slow down and give the ‘Pundareekam’ – ‘Satguru nath maharaj ki! Jai!’  That was when we realized that 600 seconds had gone by!

Then it was introduction time.  We found that about 18 satsang members representing different states viz. California, Florida, North Carolina, Chicago, Texas and Massachusetts were on the call.  It was nice to get to know the names of all the satsang friends from the country.

Following this, Ms. Yamini from Chicago, gave a beautiful talk.  The summary of the talk is below:

It is indeed rare to get the human birth. We are all fortunate to be blessed with this human birth.  What is the purpose of our living? To seek eternal happiness, and this happiness is certainly not in bodily comforts.  How fleeting is this human body?  If we take a palm tree, right from the stem, leaves and to the shell, all of them are of utility value.  But of what value is this human body after it stops breathing?  So should we not strive to attain the ultimate purpose of life when we are still breathing?

How do we attain that ultimate goal?  Our Guru Maharaj and various Mahans have shown the simple, yet great path of Nama Kirtan.  All we should do is, catch the ‘Rama’ Nama and never let go of it.

Let me narrate a beautiful episode from Kabirdas’ life.  Kabirdas loved Rama Nama above anything else.  He loved to perform Rama Nama Kirtan as a congregation – satsang and often conducted such satsang, invited Sadhus and fed them.  Being in state of abject penury, he did not have enough money to conduct one such satsang.  That was when Kabirdas and his son Kamaal decided that they would break into a rich person’s house and steal, for the sake of  conducting satsang.  Unfortunately, when they were half-way stealing, the householders sensed the break-in.  While Kabirdas escaped, his son was caught inside the house.  Immediately Kamaal said, ‘Oh dad! The satsang should go on! And it should go on undisturbed.  There is no way that I can escape from here.  So cut my head off and take it with you, so that they don’t identify who I am.’   Kabir did as bid by his son, and the Rama Nama Satsang went on joyfully.

The torso of the dead Kamaal was hung on a tree by the river and there was no one to lay claim on it.  A couple of days later, a group of Bhagavatas passed by performing Nama Kirtan.  When they reached this tree, to their utter dismay, the headless torso clapped its hand blissfully to the Nama Kirtan!

The whole body was soaked in Rama Nama and hence, even a lifeless torso could clap and dance to Rama Nama.

So let’s keep chanting.  We are certain to attain bliss and happiness.

It was really wonderful to listen to the talk.  Such a strong and clear message delivered in a quick 12 minute succession!

August 1st was a day of Solar Eclipse in many eastern countries. Eclipse is a sign of auspiciousness. Mahaprabhu was born on a lunar eclipse day!

Its fun that we are starting this on such a day!!
Then there were some announcements:

  • Yamini, Zivan and Kishori perform Nama Kirtan every Thursday.  Recently, they had Nama Kirtan in one of their friend’s houses (a non-hindu) on the occasion of ‘Gruhapravesh’.  ‘The Lord entering the house is indeed Gruhapravesh!’ it was told.  And by chanting Mahamnatra, the Lord is very much present there. That is truly Gruhapravesh, is it not?
  • Houston satsang briefed us about the 108 hanuman chalisa program to be performed on Saturday.  They conduct Nama 2 hours every Sunday – 4-6 pm.
  • Ramani from Los Angeles put forth a couple of interesting points: ‘Ramana Paatti’ is one elderly person who attends the Nama Kirtan satsang at his home in the Cerritos, LA area.  The reason behind her name is that, she has seen and lived with Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi!  A tidbit Ramani shared here – Ramana was very comfortable understanding Telugu, which was Paatti’s mother tongue.  So she never had a reason to learn Tamil!   Ramani assured that he will get pictures of Paatti and share more of her experiences in the subsequent satsangs.  Ramani talked about the ‘Ninda Stuthi’ experience! –  One in which he had Swamiji get the telephone connection to listen to satsangs on Guru Poornima day (which seemed close to impossible), by Nindha Stuthi!  You should ask him for more details!

Sriram and Nisha from Texas volunteered to lead the next week’s Nama.  While the slot for the satsang talk was still open, young Tejas volunteered.

We were running 5 minutes late, so we had to close (sadly!).  We closed with Mahamantra Kirtan.

What a wonderful satsang it was!   Hmmm.. How many hours to pass until the next Friday evening?

Until then…..


One Response to “Satsang wired! Week-1”

  1. Sriram August 5, 2008 at 3:55 am #

    Excellent job capturing the details in such great detail!

    Phone satsang is a brilliant idea; and blogging the minutes in such fashion puts it on top! Looking forward to Fridays!

    Radhe Radhe!

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