Aug 22: Janmashtami Satsang

22 Aug

The telecon satsang on 22nd August was special because it was the eve of Sri Krishna Janmashtami.  The initial Nama Kirtan was lead by Zivan Prakash, Yaamini and the little Kishori.  It was wonderful to hear Kishori chant the Hare Rama Mahamantra in her sweet voice.
We had the regular introductions which indicated that there were more than 20 people on the call.  As it was a special satsang, in the interest of having everyone talk the greatness of Nama Kirtan, we decided to dedicate the following twenty minutes to sharing experiences with Nama.

Ms. Yaamini  of Chicago went first.  She narrated a beautiful incident wherein the prayers with Mahamantra answered her prayers for marriage for a close relative of hers.  What was important was that even though the relative chanted the Mahamantra without knowing about it, it gave the desired fruit, just like the medicine that is taken without knowing its power/ingredients cures the illness.

Zivan went next, narrating an experience Nama taught him that your prayers however trivial they may be, are destined to fetch results, when performed with Mahamantra.

The young Shivam narrated the power of satsang and Nama by saying how his family could abstain from watching the idiot-box for months together after the Ramayana Navaha was performed in their house.

Karthik, who has been associated with Sri Swamiji for over 14 years,  spoke about his divine experience where He believed in the supreme nature of Sri Swamiji’s divinity and how his prayers about making it known to the world came true.

Latha from New York shared her experience of grace and bliss, when she was blessed with a Bhagavata (a devotee who had been reading Bhagavata for a long time) as her audience during her first Bhagavata discourse in their regular New York satsangs.

Narayan Dave spoke about his experience where the divine grace and power of Nama, helped them attend a 24-hour Mahamantra Kirtan (something unheard of in the history of Houston) that coincided with their marriage anniversary as well as the surgery day of his wife.

Madhan Ramakrishnan spoke about how the grace of the Lord and the association with Sri Swamiji helped in relocating to Hyderabad, and how he has been blessed to be associated with Satsang in his home even in his current place of stay, Chicago.

It seemed like we could go on and on with our experiences. But as time was limited (and we had already exceeded the stipulated time), we decided to share at least one experience during every satsang.

Yaamini announced about the satsang at her residence in view of Janmashtami.  Sriram from Texas spoke of the Janmashtami fair where a booth was being planned.

For the following week, it was decided that Shivam and his family from Houston would lead the Nama and Sriram, Texas would give the satsang talk.  We ended with Nama prayers, only with the hope to meet again next week.

Until then,  Radhe Radhe!


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