Rama Nama fixed my speech!

19 Sep

Sri Aravind of the Florida satsang spoke the following in one of the telecom satsangs…

‘When I was young, I could not pronounce the word ‘Ra’ very well. I would pronounce it as ‘Tha’ instead.  This became a serious problem and I started feeling low in front of others for my inability.  My mother encouraged me and asked me to chant the Rama Nama constantly.  But do you see the paradox? Rama Nama itself has ‘Ra’! and that was where my problem was!  Mom told me not to worry about it, and chant as was possible by me.  I continued to chant the Rama Nama regularly, but as ‘thaama’! and It was indeed a miracle that in due course I was able to pronounce Rama!
Even when I could not pronounce Rama correctly, the Lord out of His sheer compassion answered my prayers. I am sure that it is that Rama Nama that gave me darshan of great Avatara Purushas like Maha Swamiji of Kanchi Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal, Bhagavan Yogiramsuratkumar and now, our Swamiji.’

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