My Tryst with Ike-1

26 Sep

By the immense grace of the Sadguru and by the immense grace of Lord Krishna we survived the gory Hurricane Ike.

There was no power on the night of Sep 12, the night of the hurricane.  At about 3 am, one of our windows broke, owing to the 110 mph winds that were rattling the city.  It was a miracle that even though the glass in one of the windows broke, it fell completely outside of the house!   We had one tree uprooted and yet another window damaged. By the grace of God, not much water came inside even after the windows broke.
It is only the limitless Krupa of Lord Krishna that can do this type of miracle!

In fact the grace of the Lord and miracle did not end there – When the Houston Mayor was saying that power will take 2 to 4 weeks and Pearland being closer to Galveston we thought that we will be without the power for a very long time.

However just around 3:30 pm on Sunday (the day after the hurricane) about an half hour before our weekly Maha Mantra Sankirtan time our lights flickered as if the Lord was giving indication that things should okay before the Sankirtan. Shortly after that we got the power!   It seemed to us that the Lord facilitates the Sankirtan at any cost!

A day after a major hurricane, we got the power and part of Pearland still doesn’t have power; what to say of the Krupa of Krishna and the Power of the ‘Hare Rama…’ Maha Mantra!

Power of Mahamantra brings electric power (and all other types of so-called powers) so easily – What else should one do? Just Chant, Chant like our Guru Maharaj says!

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Our koti koti pranam to our Sadguru and Sri Krishna for giving us shelter and giving us opportunity to do Maha Mantra Sankirtan during the wee hours of Ike in complete darkness (since we had lost electricity) with the howling wind giving the tala :).

The next day we did the Sankirtan in the car for the benefit of the Pearland community (it was a different type of Nagara Sankirtan).

Here are the links for the Sankirtans:

– 2 AM Nama during the Hurricane (the tape is very dark because there was not power at that time and we were hunkered down within two feet of each other)   – “the Nagara Sankirtan around Pearland, TX.”

— Shri Narayan Dave & Family,
Pearland, TX

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