My tryst with Ike-2

26 Sep

We live a little away from the coast. However, the effect of the hurricane was not negligible. I could just not catch any sleep that night, thanks to the howling winds of the hurricane. I just held on to the tulsi mala that Sri Swamiji blessed me with and chanted throughout the night. We lost power in our house, but there was very minor damage to our fences, while, we could see so many grave damages to the cars and houses in our neighborhood because of uprooted trees and crashed branches.

As we have a 20 month old, we went to our friend’s who had power. We planned to return to our home in a couple of days. When we came home, we discovered that we still did not have power. We chanted Mahamantra for a few minutes. We had forgotten the keys. So we tried opening the garage door, but without much luck. Then we thought – well, its incorrect to chant with any selfish prayers in mind. Let’s just take it as God’s way and we drove back. In less than 30 minutes, we got a call from our neighbor that power was restored in our house!

This is when more than 80% of Houston was still out of power.

– Sriram Ramanujam & Family

Tomball, TX

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