‘Special Person’

3 Oct

Kishori from Chicago started going to Kindergarten school this year.  She spelled out her experience of how she became a ‘special person’ in her class.

‘In my class, the teacher selects one person as a ‘special person’ everyday. As a special person, we are really made special that day.  They ask us about what we like to do, what we like to play….. Every other person draws for me… It really feels great to be a special person.  It was the last day of the curriculum.  I very badly wanted to become the special person, but I was not selected.

I asked my mother what I should do to become a special person. Mummy told me to chant Mahamantra in front of Sri Guruji’s picture and sincerely pray before going to school.

I chanted in front of the life-size portrait of Guruji and prayed as mummy instructed.  And guess what! You would not believe! That day, I was selected as the ‘special person’.   I was so happy.   As soon as I got down from the bus, I told mummy, ‘Mummy!  Guruji made me the special person today! Mahamantra made me a special person today!’


2 Responses to “‘Special Person’”

  1. Gayathri Sathaimoorthy October 14, 2008 at 10:23 pm #

    I am impressed how Kishoriji said “Guruji made me the special person today” as opposed to saying “I became the special person today” It is nice to hear that at this age, Kishoriji realized this.
    I am reminded of Gurujis words, “Jasmine gives out its fragrance only when it blooms but Thulasi gives out its fragrance when it sprouts”.

    Radhe Radhe.


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