The Divine Name and its Owner care for us

23 Oct

‘This is something concerning my work.  We were executing a software project for a customer which happened to be the US government.  As a part of the project we were supposed to fill in a few empty columns with data and send it across.  There were 5 columns (fields) to fill in. But somehow, I had ignored the last one, and I just filled in four of them and sent it across.  It was only later that I discovered I had missed out the last one.  I did not make a big deal out of it, nevertheless, felt guilty for my oversight.

The project was executed.  To my pleasant surprise, recently, the government announced that they no more required the fifth column data and they would not consider it for their use!  When I heard this announcement from them, I was overjoyed!  It seemed as if the announcement was very much tailor-made to cover up my flaw!  And this happened even without my praying and requesting for it.

Such incidents may seem very trivial in our daily life.  But it gives us more and more insight to the fact that the Divine Name and its Owner will automatically take care of us every single moment of our life.’

– Sriram, Texas.

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