Oct 24: Guru Bhakti

24 Oct

The Satsang on 24th October saw about 25 devotees on the telecon.  Nrithi, Priya and Lalithaji from Seattle led the first 10 minutes of Nama.  The Nama Kirtan was followed by a discourse by Sri Narayanaswamyji of Seattle.  In his discourse, he underlined the importance of a Gruu in everyone’s life.  He spoke about the glory of the Sadguru.

He said that when the Lord decides to shower compassion to the jivas, he takes the form of a Sadguru.  Krishna is verily the form of a sadguru – ‘Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum’.  Similarly, Lord Shiva, comes in the form of a Sadguru as Lord Dakshinamurthy.  Every other deity in our religion is worshipped as a Satguru.  Aruna Giri Nathar, a great poet and devotee of Lord Muruga requests Lord Muruga to come in the form of a Sadguru  – ‘guruvaai varuvaai arulvaai guhane’.

What does a Guru do? The grace of a Guru can transform even the dumbest of the brains into most knowledgeable one.  All of us know of the story of Sri Giri – Giri was the disciple of Sri Adi Sankara who did all the ‘kainkarya’ for his Guru.  Once a class was supposed to start and Adi Sankara, for some reason kept waiting.  When the other disciples questioned, Adi Sankara mentioned that he was waiting for Giri to come.  Hearing this, the other disciples chuckled, for they thought that Giri would not, anyway, not understand a bit of the lesson.  Witnessing this, a deluge of grace poured forth from the heart of Adi Shankara.    He felt pity for Giri, who was then washing his Guru’s saffron clothes in the riverbed.  This very grace, blessed Giri with abundant knowledge.  In a fit of ecstasy, Giri started chanting the ‘Thotakashtakam’ in praise of his Guru.  All of us know that this particular piece of poetry is one of the masterpieces of literary excellence.  Thus, by merely thinking of a disciple, a Guru can illuminate him with Supreme Knowledge.

Some might question – when the Lord is so personal, why should there be someone between the devotee and the Lord.  What is the need for a middleman, called Guru?  When the Jiva is not able to distinguish the difference between the ‘sat’ and the ‘asat’. The Truth and the untruth, dharma and adharma, divine and the non-divine, it is the Guru who shows the right way to the Jiva.

Is every other person in a saffron garb a Guru?  In tamil, a beautiful distinction exists, between a true Guru and a quack – ‘Pizhaikka Vandavan’ (the one who comes to earn his living) is a quack – who recommends different kinds of atonement, extorts money and feeds himself.  The true Guru is ‘Pizhaikka vaikka vandavan’ – The one who has come to rescue others! (From the pangs of Samsara).

A true Guru is selfless. He does not expect anything for himself, and at any cost follow swadharma.  Once the divine sage of Kanchi His Holiness Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Swamiji (Sri Paramacharya) turned down the offering of a huge sum of money by some devotee, who donated it for the sake of the Mutt.  There are very few selfless true Gurus.

We are in fact blessed with a rare opportunity to be living as contemporaries to a number of such divine souls.  Being the eve of the Jayanti of Sri Sadguru Maharaj, let us pray to the Almighty to bless us with more and more satsang, Guru Bhakti and Bhagavat Bhakti.’

The Satsang also bade farewell to Sri Narayanaswamyji who was traveling back to India.

This was followed by Sri Narayan Daveji of Houston inviting the devotees for the Bhagavata Saptaham that is planned to be held at Houston between the 22nd and 28th of November, 2008.

Sri Sri Swamiji’s Jayanti celebrations were also announced.

The satsang ended with Mahamantra Kirtan and prayers for two devotees.


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