Oct 31: The Lord’s Compassion

31 Oct

The Satsang on October 31st started off with Nama Kirtan by Sri Ramani Rajaraman and his family. This was followed by Ms. Chitra’s beautiful speech on the compassion of the Lord.

All of us know that the Lord is an embodiment of Compassion.  All of us are the children of that one Supreme Lord.  The Lord treats everyone of us equally.  Although all of us are His kids, he favors some of them.  A mom has 10 kids. Although she loves every one of them, she showers more love to the one who obeys it and does as per her bidding.

This is the Age of Kali.  Everything is corrupted.  The minds are evil.  However, it is in this Age that the Lord can be pleased by Nama Kirtan.
Innumerable sages and saints have shown us this path.   We have been led by these great Mahans and a great Guru. And they have taught us this easy path of Nama Kirtan.

Human mind always looks for shortcuts.  If that is the case, then what is the easiest way to receive the Lord’s grace? Nama Kirtan is the shortcut.  We have heard about Shyamantaka Mani, Kamadenu and the Kalpaka Vruksha which can grant us anything.  Similarly, Nama is that precious thing that can give us anything both spiritually and materially.   We read in Nama Dwaar, so many devotees whose wishes have come true because of Nama Kirtan.

Today, let us see the life of one such great devotee:

In Pandharpur there lived a devotee called Senanayi.  He was a barber by profession.  He constantly performed Nama Kirtan.  He was very honest.
It was a royal practice that the king’s hair had to be dressed before he came to the court everyday.  He was searching for the right person to do the job.  The citizens unanimously proposed Senanayi’s name owing to his devotion to God, calmness and guileless disposition.  The king gave Senanayi the job.
There was a rule that someone who does royal service cannot work elsewhere.  So the king provided him with all the necessities for life.  Senanayi would spend sometime in hair-dressing for the king and the rest of the time in Nama Kirtan.
One day, when Senanayi got ready to go for his work, a group of Sadhus passed by singing “Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare”  He saw that there was still time to go to the palace.  He joined them and lost himself in the Nama Kirtan.
Those who were envious of him went to the palace and told the already restless king that Senanayi would not come. The king asked for the reason.
They said, “Senanayi has joined with ten other people singing the glory of the Lord.  When we reminded him of his duties, he said that he did not care!’

The king was red with fury.  He decided that he will have his hair dressed some other day and rushed to the well to get a quick bath.”
There was Senanayi standing humbly with the kit in his hand. The king was pleasantly surprised as he had just heard that Senanayi was performing Bhajan elsewhere. Senanayi gently said that he had been waiting there for a long time.
‘Anyway’, the king said, ‘Quick! Make my hair up. It is getting late.’
Senanayi took water in his hand and applied it on the king’s head. Immediately, the king’s body had a shiver. He had a wonderful experience.
He asked, ‘Senanayi. What is happening? I am having a divine experience today.’ Saying so, the king continued to take Senanayi’s hand and repeatedly place it on his own head.
Suddenly the king saw a divine sight. The astonishingly beautiful form of Sri Krishna, cross-legged, adorned with peacock feathers in the head and garland on the neck, playing the flute, (just like we sing ‘murali manditha kara kamalam munijana mohanam, vyatyasta padam vanamala dharniam’) came in front of him for an instant and disappeared.
Back in the court, he kept recounting the beautiful divine form he saw and talking to himself about it The ministers suspected that the king had become lunatic and decided that he had to be treated.  Just then, the actual Senanayi arrived.
Immediately, the king requested him to show him the divine form again. Senanayi was confused. He admitted he had not turned up that morning as he was in the Bhajan.
The king said, “No! You came this morning! You touched me and I experienced that wonderful bliss!”.
It was then that Senanayi realized that the Lord Himself had come and done his job that morning.
The Almighty will do anything for us when we perform Nama Kirtan.

Ramana Paatti (who was mentioned about in the “Satsang wired! Week-1” article)  was present in the satsang!  Sri Ramaniji introduced Ramana Patti and shared a few incidents about Ramana Maharshi that she had shared with them on Sri Swamiji’s Jayanti day.
Bhagavan Ramana: What belongs to me?

Bhagavan Ramana: Kavyakanta Ganapati Muni

Bhagavan Ramana: Bhagavan’s culinary

This was followed by announcements about Poornimaji’s satsang programs.

The program then ended with a 5-minute Nama Kirtan by Ramaniji and Aparnaji.


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