Bhagavan Ramana: Bhagavan’s culinary

7 Nov

When it comes to Tiruvannamalai Ramana Ashram, Bhagavan Ramana used to spend time in the kitchen helping others in cooking, as well as cooking Himself. One day Bhagawan prepared chutney for Idly. He asked Shri Gurram Subba Rao to taste it. After tasting it, Subba Rao mentioned that it is too salty and cannot be served to others as a side dish. Bhagawan smiled and stirred the whole chutney with his own fingers.  He then asked him again to taste it. To Subba Rao’s surprisethe chutney had the right amount of salt. He could not understand what could have happened?
Bhagawan Ramana smiled at him and asked him where did the salt go?


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