Bhagavan Ramana: What belongs to me?

7 Nov

Sambasiva Rao was Ramana Paati’s paternal uncle (father’s elder brother) who completely devoted his life to Bhagavan Ramana. Once there was a court case against Ramana Maharshi that he was accused owning a piece of land that actually belongs to Government. When he was asked to justify it, Ramana said that the land under contention does not belong to him, and that even his name Ramana did not belong to Him and hence there was no question of owning anything! The judge came from Madras to Tiruvannamalai to get Bhagavan’s opinion, and Bhagavan only repeated His stand!  The judge requested Ramana that he should come and sign the court papers that this property was actually given to them as donation and that it does not belong to him. Ramana refused to come but upon insisting, he said that he can send Mr. Sambasiva Rao on his behalf to sign the court papers!

Later Niranjanananda, brother of Shri Bhagavan who was managing that place praised Shri Sambasiva Rao, that without him signing the papers they all would have been on streets.

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