Nov 28: Thanksgiving Satsang

28 Nov

The thanksgiving satsang on the 28th of November was a great solace for those who couldn’t attend the Bhagavatha Saptaham in Houston. There were about 11 families who joined this week’s telecon satsang.

The satsang started with the Nama Kirtan led by Smt.Yaminiji and Sri.Zivanji, followed by introductions. Then Sri.Ramaniji from Los Angeles lucidly narrated a beautiful story from “Dinam Dinam Thirunalae” which was written in Tamil by our Sri Swamiji.

“Dinam Dinam Thirunalae” – translates to “Every day is a Blessed day” in English. Everyone in this world is seeking only happiness and nobody wants an iota of sorrow in one’s life. So there is always a question as to why there is a combination of joy and sorrow in our lives instead of only happiness. This question can indeed be solved but most of us don’t know how to seek the proper direction.

A person is feeding a dog and after sometime he hits the dog. The dog feels very bad about this. The dog couldn’t do anything about this, as the person fed a sumptuous food and then only hits the dog. Everyday the dog perhaps thinks that he should go to the same person for the bread and since the dog acts only on instincts and not on any rational thinking, it goes to the same place gets the same bread and the beating as well.

It only means that it is an oversimplified example to say that both joy and sorrow go hand in hand and there is no escape from it. But when the question on perpetual happiness comes to our mind, we being human beings have rational thinking, start to think the ways for attaining it. The answer to this comes from Sri.Bhagavan Ramanamaharishi of Thiruvanamalai. The Swami says that the perpetual bliss is not anywhere outside and we don’t have to seek it from anybody. He says that it is within oneself. He substantiates this by saying that when the dirty clothes are washed, the clothes become white in color. This white color is the natural fade of the clothes and once they are washed, the ignorance, which is the dirt in this case is removed and the whiteness predominates. Similarly when the ignorance within oneself is wiped out, the perpetual bliss prevails.

Kunju Swamigal, the disciple devotee of Bhagavan Ramana, was himself a great soul. As he approached Bhagavan, he decided to take as ‘upadesa’ whatever words first fell out of Bhagavan’s lips on seeing him. At the time Kunju Swamigal reached Bhagavan’s place, he was about to feed gruel to four puppies. The gruel was hot and Bhagavan Ramana was trying to keep the restless puppies away from it. On seeing Kunju Swamigal, Bhagavan Ramana said to him, ‘Catch all the four and leave them one by one.’ Kunju Swamigal took the term ‘four’ to mean ‘parayana, japa, dhyana and vichara’. Do parayana of any Holy Text for sometime along with japa, dhyana and vichara. Once japa became strong leave out parayana. Once dhyana became consistent, one may give up japa and once vichara became steady one could give up dhyana.

Smt.Yaminiji and Sri.Zivanji shared their joyful experiences of Srimad Bhagavata Saptaham in Houston. She also mentioned briefly about the Saptaham souvenir.

The satsang came to an end with Nama Kirtan, praying for the welfare of the Mumbai victims who were greatly affected by the terror attacks.


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