Grace in ways one can’t imagine

7 Feb

We live in Orlando and visit a temple regularly. There is a Krishna deity in the temple to which we light a candle every week. One day we were shopping to buy a lamp shade for Lord Krishna’s deity. I was being helped by an employee of the shop and when she met me, she immediately asked me if Iwas a Hindu. When I replied yes, her face lit up with joy at the thought of seeing a Hindu.

She being a Dominican descent had some dreams for many years in which came a holy man with long beard meditating in the mountains and she was puzzled as to why she frequently dreamt about this and it seemed very real to her. And finally she found some books on Hinduism which made her start believing in re-incarnation and she realized that she was born in India in her previous birth. She related all this to me in less than five minutes. She was so ecstatic when she saw us and her joy knew no bounds.

I informed her about the weekly satsangs and she happily agreed to come. She in fact participated in their weekly satsang.

It was only last week that they were thinking of ways and means of taking the Nama and Guru’s Mahima to other communities and yes, it was immediately blessed and answered by our Guru Maharaj.

Aravind T, Orlando, FL


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