The Banyan tree shade

7 Feb

We had placed an advertisement to sell some of their home furniture. When the deal was finalized, we were waiting for the customer to come and pick up the stuff from our home. The woman came home to pay the money and said that the furniture would be picked up later that evening. As she entered our home, she told us that she could feel something very different in their house that was divine. We told her that we chant Divine Names regularly at home. She started talking about her woes and disclosed all the difficulties that she was currently facing and requested us to pray for her in that day’s satsang. We told the lady that they will pray to the Lord for her problems to get solved quickly.

Sri Sri Swamiji says that that when one does Nama Chanting, that place is verily filled with divinity. When a person always basks in shade, he will never feel the comfort in the shade nor its greatness. Likewise, we are all protected in the shade of a huge banyan tree which is our Guru Maharaj. It is only those who walk into a Nama Satsang from outside (akin to the scorching sun) that can feel the divinity of a Nama Satsang (shade).


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