Feb 27: Why did God create us?

27 Feb

Madhura, Sriramji and Nishaji performed Nama Sankirtan and started the Satsang. Followed by this, AravindJi from Orlando gave a talk on what is the purpose of our creation and what the world teaches us.

When Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal was appointed the next Peetathipathi of Shankara Mutt, he was 13 years old. So when old devotees of the mutt arrived, they asked to meet the Jagatguru sarcastically. Meaning how could a 13 year old boy be considered a Jagatguru and be appointed as the Peetadhipati (head) of a Mutt. When they were shown to Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Swamigal, he explained to them that the Sanskrit word Jagatguru must be understood word by word as in its split as ‘Jagat’ and ‘Guru’. He further explained what each word translates to that is Jagat meaning World and Guru meaning teacher, thus proclaiming the world is my Guru.
He said whatever the world teaches every moment is what I preach to my devotees. Now the learned devotees feel at the lotus feet of the 13 year old Jagat Guru to pardon their ignorance and bless them to relieve themselves of their ego.

Now going by what Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Swamigal or affectionately called Maha Periyava says that the world is the Guru. Let’s look at the world and understand what it teaches us. Take an example of a family, why do we get married and procreate children knowing the time, effort and responsibility involved in bring up a child?

The simple reason is we want to share our love, to watch the small baby, to cuddle it, though we also know that they will one day grow up, go miles away for their living and get married and start their own family. But we still want to see them happy and shower our unconditional love wherever they are.

There will be times when the child has gone to a foreign land and does not call his/her parents for months. Even then the parents will always live in the memory of their child and praying for their well being. They may try to send a message through a relative or a friend who plans to visit the same place where their child currently resides. When this friend informs the child that his parents are eagerly waiting to hear from him/her at the earliest and still the child ignores the pleas as he/she is busy in their own life. But one fine day due to some need, the child suddenly calls the parents, the joy is over bound.

They will have tears of joy flowing to hear the well being of their child and be so happy that the child remembered them. They will be over exhilarated to help their child even after being ignored for several years. All they want is the happiness of their child.

That is exactly what God wants. He has created us to share his love. He has created us in the same form like Himself by giving us this human body to share the beauty of the world and all his creations with us. He is our father and mother. He always wishes well for us even when we don’t think of him. He always wants to show only love like our own parents.

A mother makes food, keeps our home clean, takes care of our health and provides us will all the nice things in life for the child. But the child takes everything for granted. But if one day the child turns to tell his/her mother, ‘your food was delicious today.. Thank you Ma’. Imagine the joy the mother will feel, she will be the happiest person on earth as her child though about what the mother has done to keep him/her happy and appreciates her efforts. That’s how God is! He has blessed us with so much of goodness in life. But do we thank him for every single thing? But if one day we turn to God and thank him for all he has been to us, imagine the joy God will feel? That his child has though about him! If we take 1 step towards God, he takes 10 steps towards us. But we should take the initiative to take that first step.

The sun shines everyday for everybody. It does not see any distinction towards anybody. But if we keep our doors and windows closed then we are the ones to lose the sun shine and light. Hence we should be open to receive the love God shows by his creations. We call this God with several names he is all pervading and all the same. Like a person can be a mother to a child, she can be a wife to her husband; she can be a daughter to her parents or a friend to someone. So each one calls the same person with different relationships such as mother, wife, daughter, friend, sister. Thus God also appears as different forms to different people. So finally all we have to do is call him and show him love. He will be happy, the world will be a happy place and we’ll also be happy.

A siddha has sung the following verse ‘Aasaiai arumin! Aasaiai arumin! Eesanodu aayinum aasaiai arumin!’ which means ‘Renounce all desire! Renounce all desire, even if it be for God’. When looked at superfluously we may wonder, “how could a saint ask us to give up the desire for God?” But, when seen in the right perspective we will understand what the saint really means – “Give up even the desire for the Lord and just love Him.” True love seeks nothing whereas a desire expects something in return. And when we fail to get what we seek/expect then it might turn into hatred.”
In Srimad Bhagavatam, a bunch of verses called “Venu Gitam” describes the beauty in the flute recital of Lord Sri Krishna. There it is mentioned that both the doe and the male deer worshipped the Lord by mere looks of affection and love.

Sri Sri Swamiji, in His kirtan “Karunamurthy Nee allavo Kanna”, speaks of the love, grace and compassion of the Lord. His compassion and grace is so unique; He magnifies even our smallest offering and gives us unimaginable, multifold returns. The incident referred to in this context is the fruit seller’s episode. An old lady selling Jaumoon fruits, sees the little Krishna. On seeing such a beautiful child she offers a few fruits to him out of spontaneous love. Bhagawan’s tiny hands could have received only two or three fruits from her. Later the fruit seller finds that her Basket is filled with precious gems. Bhagawan had gifted priceless gems for a few fruits, returning her loving offering multifold!
Lets take a very worldly example of an ox and a dog. When an ox works so much to plough the farmer’s field, the dog just cuddles in one corner of his home. But the dog gets more attention and care, doesn’t it? What is the reason? It is because it is the dog showers its love on its master, while the ox only knows to work hard. Thus, the more you shower your love, the more you get back.
When we shower pure love on the Divine, we reach unto Him and get Him in our hearts. The easiest way of showing our love and gratitude to the Lord is by chanting His Divine Names.

Lord Sri Krishna in is last verse to Sri Narada says that he does not reside in Vaikunta, he does not reside in the heart of Yogi’s who have conquered the world, but he verily resides amidst a gathering of people who sing his names and glories.

Naham Vasaami Vaikunte Na Yogena Hrudeya Ravau
Mad Bhakta: yatra Gayanti Thatra Thishtami Narada

So verily Nama Sankirtan and satsang will lead us to love the glorious one and that is what we precisely are doing every week, without fail due to His grace.

We have nothing to worry and all will be well as we follow Mahans’ words.

This was followed by announcements and prayer requests after which a Mahamantra Prayer Session was held in the closing.


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