Mar-20: How serious are we?

20 Mar

Nama Kirtan was lead by Ramaniji’s family from Los Angeles, CA. Followed by brief round of introductions, Nishaji from Houston gave a blissful satsang talk.

It is said that “Jantu Nam Nara Janma Dhurlabam”. It is very rare to be bestowed with a human birth and rarer it is to have all the limbs intact but the rarest of all is to be in a satsang and have one’s life directed by a Sadguru. Our Guru Maharaj, Sri Muralidhara Swamiji prescribes an easy path of liberation which is verily the chanting of the divine names of the Lord. Nothing more is expected out of us. But if we think about this, are we really making use of what providence and grace of Bhagawan has really given us? Is the Mahamantra always on our lips? Sometimes we chant the Mahamantra only during the satsang and completely forget about it during the rest of the day.

Do we strive for every opportunity to have satsang? There are even times when we get bogged down by our worldly chores and during such times satsang takes a back seat. We have all heard that human birth is indeed very rare but has this fact really sunk into us? We need to realize that the ultimate purpose of life is attaining God. If we realize this fact then every act of us will be directed towards that ultimate goal.

Ramanujamji in one of his lectures mentioned that there is no such thing like spiritual life and worldly life. There is only one life and it depends on how we view it. It is not correct to say that when somebody is in a satsang he is into spiritual life and when he is back at work he is into his materialistic life. Spirituality means that the ultimate goal in one’s life is to reach God.

Our beloved Guru Maharaj in one of his discourses forecasted how the future would look like. Satsangs are going to be very difficult. The society is going to be very corrupted and it is very rare to see someone chanting the Divine Names of the Lord let alone finding a Jivan Mukta. We need to make full use of what we have right now, which is the very valuable gem.

Once Sri AdiShakaracharya was taking a stroll with his disciple and saw an old man sitting on the banks of the river Ganga trying to learn some verse in Sanskrit. He was surprised by this and asked the old man as to what he was doing. The old man replied that the king had announced a golden shawl as prize to someone who can recite this Sanskrit verse. This old man was in his nineties and was on the brink of his death. That’s when AdiShankaracharya composed the great song “Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam Mooda Matae”. Have we really pondered on the message that he is trying to convey in this great song? ‘Oh Foolish Mind! Chant the names of Lord Govinda’. He further tells the old man “Sampraptae Sannihitae Kalai Nahi Nahi Rakshati Dukrin Karanae” The Sanksrit grammar is not going to save you in your last moments and it is verily the chanting the names of Lord Govinda that is going to save you.

We are fortunate to have a Sadguru and a Satsang. We shouldn’t be a barrier to obstruct the grace of the guru. To substantiate this, there was a person called Palaniswamy who served as an attendant to Ramana Maharishi. On the brink of his death , Bhagawan was sitting right next to Palaniswamy and placed his hand on his fore-head and was trying him to grant him liberation. But Palaniswamy opened his eyes and Bhagawan couldn’t do what he wanted to. This is to show that we should not be a barrier to our Guru’s grace.

Just follow the Sadguru’s instructions verbatim without questioning it and make sure to follow it all the time. There was once a young man who wanted to have darshan of Sri.Yogiramsuratkumar and had some offerings that he wanted to give it to Yogi. While he was having darshan, he tried to give his offerings but at the same time, Yogi tried to give him some Prasad. But this young man didn’t accept the prasadam and kept on pressing the Yogi to accept what he himself was offering to the Yogi. This went on for a while for a while. Later Yogiji said that he was trying to bless the devotee with the Prasad to ward off his impeding danger! This clearly shows that the young man obstructed the yogi from showering his grace. We should always trust whatever our Guru instructs us to do and should always bear in mind that his actions are always driven by a reason. Our Guru is protecting us and showering his grace always.

Our Guru Maharaj’s earnest request for all of us is to chant the Divine Names of the Lord. Let’s honor his request by chanting the Mahamantra wherever we are and whatever we are doing.

After this wonderful discourse the forum was opened to discussions. A few Nama Anubhava were shared.
Prayers show their powers again
The marriage that was averted
Nama spreads like fire!

The satsang wrapped up with Nama Sankirtan.


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