Nov 13: Ekadasi Vrat

13 Nov

In one of Our Guru Maharaj kirtans, he sings,

“Sajjana sange Krishna katha
Durjana sange gramya katha”

In satsangs which is a divine communion with great Mahans, our Guru Maharaj very beautifully says that the  divine glories of Lord Krishna is expounded in satsangs. That is verily what we do in our Friday satsangs.

Sri Narayananswamyji from Seattle delivered the satsang talk.

In Srimad Bhagavat Gita, Lord Arjuna seeks a clarification with Lord Sri Krishna. ‘A person is oblivious of shastras and sampradayas but possesses immense determination and sincerity [shraddha]. With due diligence, he performs pooja to the Lord.’ He questioned the Lord on the type of quality this person possessed. Was it Sattvik, rajas, tamas?

‘A good question!’ lauded Sri Krishna. In reply to Arjuna’s question he started off by saying that everybody possesses a natural quality in them. It can be sattvik, rajas or tamas. Shraddha depends upon the quality of the heart. Those who have sattvik qualities worship the Lord.  The persons who possess the rajas qualities worship the Gandarvas, rakshashas etc. People who possess tamas qualities worship prethas and yudas. All the people who possess one of the three qualities perform pooja to their favorite deity with shraddha. However, we cannot say that the poojas that they perform are all same. Their Bhakti is not the same. Bhakti performed by sattvik people is much superior to the other ones.

Now how is a person being bestowed with Sattvik qualities? It mainly comes from his food habits. Sattvic food endures life, mental and physical strength and does not lead to any diseases. A rajasic food is that that which is sour and hot. They may be very delectable but cause harm to the body. Tamasic food is that which is old and has a foul smell.

There are four ways of consuming food. They are swallow, bite, lick and  drink. However the food  that is consumed, get digested only by Lord Sri Krishna.  The food we consume must have life in it. For  example, coriander  seeds when sowed on a ground will lead to coriander leaves.  Akin to this is a mango seed. A mango seed when thrown on a ground, will lead to mango plant. Meat has no life in it. Alcohol is a decayed fermented product. Food contributes to a major portion of an individual’s qualities.

The determination and sincerity [ Shraddha]depends upon the purity of the heart which depends on the quality of food one consumes.

Saint Valluvar says in tamil –

“Vellathu anayadhu mayanirdham mandardham”
“Ullathu anayadhu uyarvu”

The lotus flower always floats in a river irrespective of the depth of the river. Lord Krishna says that people who observe fast and chant the divine names of the Lord are indeed the near and dear ones for the Lord. It is said that –

“Na gayathriya para mantra
Na maatrunam para deivatham
Na ganagasya paramam theertham
Na ekadasya samam vratham”

The translation is approximately, ‘there is no superior mantra than the gayathri mantra; One’s own mother is the greatest among all the deities; the Ganges is the most sacred of all the rivers and the fasting observed on the day of Ekadasi is the austerity non-pareil’.

The day of Ekadasi falls on the eleventh day from the full moon day, and on the eleventh day from the new moon day. It is proven that the there is least pressure on earth on the day of ekadasi and hence it is very ideal for one to observe fast as it does not harm the body.

By observing fast [vratha] and singing the Divine Names of the Lord on the Ekadasi is one of the easiest ways to attain the holy feet of the Lord.

The satsang concluded with prayers and Namasankirtan.


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