Dec 11: Trees and Jnana

11 Dec

Sri Narayanaswamyji from Seattle beautifully discoursed about the connections in our scriptures between trees and Jnana.

It is very interesting to see how Jnana was imparted under a tree. When we look at how Jnana was given to many scholars as per our scriptures, we understand that the transition took place under a tree. To substantiate this,

Lord Sri Krishna says in Bhagavat Gita that he is indeed the Aswat vriksha [tree] among the trees.

Lord Sri Krishna gave the Bhagavat Gita  under the Al tree at ‘jothirsaras’ near Kurukshetra. It is also said that Guru Nanak and Guru Govind Singh recited Gita under the same Al tree.

Sri Hanuman discoursed on Lord Rama’s charitra to Sita [Sundar kand in Ramayana] under the Ashoka tree. One of the ardent devotees of Lord Krishna, Bakta Meera met the devotees from Dwaraka under the Champaka tree and she was led to open the temple doors of Dwaraknath straight from the Champaka  tree.

Sri Adisankara recited the Sivananda Lahri on Lord Shiva under the Marudha tree which is called Arjuna tree at Thiruvidaimaruthur.

Lakshmyaastanata utpannam Mahaadevaysa cha priyam,
Bilva vriksham prayachchhaami eka bilvam Shivaarpanam.
Darshanam bilva vrikshasya sparshanam paapanaashanam,
Aghorapaapasamhaaram eka bilvam shivarpanam.

Shirdi Sai Baba gave knowledge [jnana] to his devotees under the neem tree.

sadha nimbavrukshasya moolathisaad

sudhasthravinam thikthamayapriyam tham

tharum kalpavrukshadhikam saadhayantham

namameeswaram sadhgurum sayinatham

Guru Dakshinamurthi imparted knowledge [jnana] to the four Sanakadis under the kallala tree

Buddha attained Jnana under Bodhi tree. It is said that he was born, took his tutelage and also died under the same tree.

Bhagavan Yogiramsuratkumar used to offer Jnana to devotees sitting under the Punnai tree.

Lord Muruga gave jnana to Avvaiyar under the ‘naval’ tree –  “chutta pazhama chudatha pazhama”

Lord Ganesa gave Jnana to devotees under Arasa tree.

Himavan Putri Parvati did tapas under a tree at Himalayas to get back to Shiva.

-It is under Jambu tree at Thiruvanaikaa, Lord Siva granted moksha to spider and elephant.

We are all under a tree and that tree [vriksham] is called GOD. There is no stampede because of the increasing number of devotees because this growing faster and faster.

There is absolutely no difference between Giridhara and Muralidhara. Giridhara protected the Gopis and Gopas and also animals by not getting drenched from torrential rain but here our Guru Maharaj makes us drench in incessant rain called Bhakti. This GOD virksha grows by chanting of the Divine Names of the Lord.

The satsang ended with Namasankirtan.


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