Jan 8: Samadarshanam – Seeing God everywhere

8 Jan

Gayathriji from Boston discoursed on this satsang.

As bhakti progresses, the bhakta sees Hari or Bhagawan in every one. She substantiated this from the lives of great Mahans.

She started with the life-history of Sri Ramanuja.   He saw the hill Tirupathi as the form of Sri Aadisesha. So he climbed the hill with his legs folded. Hearing this Tirumalai Nambi, his maternal uncle, came running from the hill to stop this. He said to Sri Ramanuja, “If Nahans like you fold your legs and walk with the knee, then others will think that this task is impossible for them to follow so will not even try to make a visit to Tirupathi”.

Ramanuja in-turn replied “Do you have to come all the way to convey this message? You could have sent a small boy to carry this message to me”

Tirumalai Nambi says,  ” I looked for one, but could not find any one smaller than myself.” This goes to show his humility also!

Let us look at the life-history of Sant Namadeva.  Namadeva once went to a nearby village called Gopalapuri so that he can write his abhangs without any disturbance. It was way past his lunch time and when he did not turn home for lunch, his wife carried his lunch to Gopalapuri. She insisted that he should have his lunch. But Namadevar persisted that she should leave the basket and go and that he will take his lunch after he finishes his abhangs. So Rajayi left Namadeva’s lunch in a bag near him.  A dog got hold of the rotis in the lunch bag and ran away with that. On seeing this, Namadeva took ghee sugar and milk and ran behind the dog. The dog ran as fast as it could. Namadeva chased it as fast as he could and finally succeeded in trapping the dog near a bush. He saw Lord Panduranga in the dog and so fondly took the dog and tried to feed it with the sugar and ghee. He said to the dog, “Panduranga!  raw roti will make your throat dry. Please have ghee, sugar and milk also.” As he said this, he opened the dog’s mouth to feed him. That very instant, he saw Lord Panduranga there!

He was shocked and said, ‘Oh! Panduragna, after all the incarnations [avatharams], was this incarnation as a dog left out for me? Why should you take this avathar”

Lord Panduranga replied, ” Namadeva, I am talented enough to take any form I desire. But you know what is surprising?It always surprises me that you are able to find me out irrespective of the form that I take.”

If we look into the charithra of Sant Jnaneshwar, we can lucidly see that he saw Lord Panduranga in a buffalo. So when he was ridiculed by the villagers, he requested the buffalo (form of Panduranga) to recite Sama veda and Lo! The buffalo began to do so!

The dasars are famous in Karnataka state of India. There was a famous dasa by name, Kanakadasa. His Guru had many disciples. Once the guru summoned all his disciples and giving them a banana each, ordered that they should eat this banana in a place where there is no one and report to him. All the disciples went to different places; some went and locked themselves in a dark room. Some went into the caves of a mountain. Some went deep down the river and consumed the fruit. But Kanakadasa came back saying that he could not find any place where Krishna is not there. So he returned the fruit to his Guru who was impressed with him.

From the life-history of Sant  Tukaram we see that He saw  Lord Panduranga in all creatures. Once he was asked to guard a corn field. He liked this job as it did not hinder with his habit of Namakirtan on Panduranga. The birds would see human presence and fly away without touching the corns. But as Tukaram got immersed in his abhangs, the birds started to feed on the corns. Seeing Panduranga in all the birds, he, instead of scaring the birds away, fed the birds with more corns from the field that he was supposed to guard, thus gaining the wrath of the owner.

The quality of ‘samadarshanam’ – seeing the Lord in everything and anything that we see, feel, hear, touch and taste – that is a quality that is unique to Mahatmas, saints and Jivan Muktas and that is seen in so many different Mahatmas, even in the recent history as Bhagavan Yogiramsuratkumar – where he asks Maa Devaki to pluck flowers with care – as she may end up hurting the flower as well as herself.

The satsang concluded with prayers and Nama Sankirtan.


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