Apr 23: Need for a Guru

23 Apr

The Lord has various different Names. Srimad Bhagavatam enlists the different avatars of the Lord. In canto two, it talks about the ten different Lord’s incarnations and the leelas performed by the Lord in each avatar. In the seventh chapter of tenth canto it goes to talk about all different avatars of the Lord right from Matsya, Koorma and then it goes to talk about the Narasimha avatar. In Narasimha avatar, the Lord takes the form of a half human and half lion and destroyed Hiranyakashipu who was troubling his devotee Prahalada. Speaking about the incarnation of the Lord who came and saved Gajendra, who was in a pond in the clutches of a crocodile, he offered a beautiful flower to Lord and the Lord came as Hari.

Gajendra calls the Lord as “Theertha shravah” because he was an epitome of all good merits [shravah]. The Lord who came in the form of Hari is also a form of all auspiciousness. He is glorious because, the very name ‘Hari’  is auspicious and sacred (‘shravana mangala naamadeya’). That is the glory of the Divine Name ‘Hari’.  He is an embodiment of all auspiciousness and love that by merely listening to his Name, one will be bestowed with all auspiciousness.

After the quick round of introductions, Hemaji from Dallas gave a beautiful lecture on Guru Bhakti and the significance of Guru’s grace in one’s life.

She narrated some incidents from Sant Namadev’s life. Namadev had immense bhakti and devotion to the Lord Vittala of Pandarpur. He was having immense bhakti to Lord Vittala at a very young age. In the same town of Pandarpur lived Gora Kumbhar, another great of the Lord. He was a potter by profession. One day he invited all the great devotees of the Lord to his house for a satsang. The whole village came to witness the satsang. They were so excited to see them all. Gora Kumbhar was preparing some dishes for his guests. Muktabai, the sister of Jnaneshwar who is believed to be an incarnation of Adi Shakti also came to attend the satsang and she saw a small stick on the wall. She asked everyone about the stick and nobody knew what it was. The she went straight to Gora Kumbhar and asked him about that stick. He told her that he used that stick to knock the pots right after they are baked. He used that for his stress test to see if the pots break when they are knocked by the stick. He told Muktabhai that he only sells the pots that don’t break when knocked by that stick.  Hearing this, her face wore a smile. She said “Oh uncle! I was waiting to hear that.” She then said, “Oh Uncle! Let’s go and knock each one’s head to see if they are completely baked or not”.  This really quivered Gora Kumbhar. He didn’t know what he had to do and with hesitation he accompanied Muktabhai.

She first went and knocked Sant Gnaneshwar’s head and told Gorakumbhar that he was perfectly baked. She then went and patted the head of Kabirdas’s head and proclaimed that he was perfectly baked as well. Namadev was witnessing the whole scene and was not really happy. It was then his turn and when Mukta Bai touched his head with that stick, Muktabhai said “Oh this pot is not baked!”.  People who had gathered there started to laugh. This really irked Namadev. Greatly mortified he immediately left the place and went straight to see Lord Vittala in Pandarpur. The Lord Panduranga always gave darshan to Namadev. He went and poured his embarrassment to him. The Lord at first pacified him and asked him to ignore what Muktabai had said. Namadev was not satisfied. He then asked the Lord if he had attained Jnana?. In reply to his question, the Lord replied that he had not acquired Jnana and that he needed to take tutelage under a guru. He also added that what Muktabai had said was indeed true. The Lord requested Namadev to adopt Visoba Khechar as his guru.

We need a Sadguru to guide us the correct path in our lives. A guru is one who understands us very well, purifies us without our knowledge, transforms everyone who surrenders unto his feet and throws us unto the holy feet of the Lord. Once we surrender unto his holy feet, then we don’t have to worry about anything and whatever actions we perform is actually what he desires one to do.

This spiritual journey is very new to us. Leading a life in this mundane world which is filled with Maya and travelling in a rental car called human body, Lord Sri Krishna has given some road maps which are verily our Scriptures to name a few Srimad Bhagavatam, Bhgavad Gita and Ramayana. Finally unable to drive alone and after sincerely praying to the Lord, he sends us his messenger who is verily our Sadguru and he drives us safely to the final destination.

Sadhus words are very powerful and indeed turn out to be true. One fact to substantiate this is how our Guru Maharaj’s vision came true. Two years ago in a Hanuman temple in Bangalore, our Guru Maharaj told everyone that a Namadwaar would soon be established in Houston. And yes, it indeed came true and in the month of February this year, a Namadwaar was opened in Houston.

Lord Krishna would just come and sit in our hearts eternally if one does service to such great Mahatmas. Chanting the divine names of the Lord is a very easy path and indeed a powerful one. It is by the sheer grace and infinite compassion of Sadguru to take the Nama Sankirtan to great heights and to spread all throughout the world. He wants everyone to be part of this holy service and it is he who will guide everyone in this path as he has experienced the power of the Divine Name of the Lord.

“guruvin malaradiyai endrum en kannal parthu ninrain “
“matrellam mayai poyienum kanavil kanda porul pol ularendain”
“Adhanal nimmadi adainthain ulagam marandhein”

“Anandam than adainthaein”

So let’s all surrender ourselves unto the holy feet of our Sadguru and lead our life without any fear.

The satsang ended with prayers and Namasankirtan.


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