Apr 22: Glory of Hanumanji – 1

22 Apr

It is said that the Lord decided not to incarnate in the Kali Yuga unlike the Rama and Krishna Avatars in the other Yugas when He took everyone ashore.  Our Shastras say that we, in Kali Yuga are less fortunate, and have very little faith (even if He came right in front of us, lived with us, we may have a thousand cross questions and disbelieve His existence).   So instead of coming down as a single incarnation, He decided to descend as multiple Mahans – Our Guru Maharaj would say that the soil of Bharata is fertile for the sprouting of so many Mahatmas.  This is the greatest reprieve for all – and all of us are fortunate because everyone in Kali Yuga has a potential to have darshan of a Mahatma, and everyone in the satsang are living proof of that. 

Today, in Houston, we had Akhanda Mahamantra Kirtan in our Namadwaar praying for rains in the drought-hit Texas, especially when the Governor has declared this weekend as a weekend of prayer. 

Following the introductions, Sri Narayanaswamyji from Seattle spoke on the glory of Hanumanji as follows:

‘Bhagavat Sankalpa’ and ‘Guru Krupa’ – these two terms have no definition in any language.  One has to experience it and understand it.   It is ‘Moola’ Nakshatra today,and we are here to talk about the glory of Hanumanji.

Tapanna Misra, a great Vedanti, came to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu  and said, even though he was well versed with all the scriptures, his mind was thoroughly confused and unable to decide on the direction for life.  Mahaprabhu quoted from Brihad Naradiya Purana,

‘Harer nAmaiva nAmaiva nAmaiva kevalam | kalau nAstyeva nAstyeva nAstyeva gatiranyatA ||

[In this Kali Yuga, Hari Nama and Hari Nama alone is the way out, nothing else!]

The same message is given by our Guru Maharaj –
‘Rama Namam solvathe kaliyil gathiyAm, athayum marandhAl adhogathiyAm ‘

When we think of Rama Navami, Sadguru Swamigal comes to my mind.  He was born Venkataramana Sasthrigal in Tiruvisainallur and lived in Marudhanallur.  He practiced Unchavrutti Dharma.  Unlike other Unchavruttis where an elderly person goes singing on the street singing the Divine Names, here the Unchavrutti is called ‘Raja Maryada Unchavrutti’, which is conducted in a royal manner, with even the king accompanying the Unchavrutti Brahmana.  It is an interesting fact that Sri Sadguru Swamigal gave Rama Nama Upadesha to Sri Thyagaraja Swamigal.

The king of Tanjore – Serfoji had a beautiful Rama deity to whom his lineage has been performing Pooja.  One day, in his dream, the Lord said that He would be pleased if the Puja was henceforth done by Sri Sadguru Swamigal and ordained him to hand ‘Him’ over to Sadguru Swamigal.   The king humbly obeyed the Lord’s orders.  A mutt was established in Marudhanallur, and even today, that Rama is being worshipped.  This very deity was present at our Madhurapuri Ashram at the inauguration of a new building there in 2010.

It is he who defined and laid out the Sampradaya Bhajans for Seetha Kalyanam / Radha Kalyanam etc.

One evening, Kanchi Mahaperiyava Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal was at the Vyasa Santaleeswara temple at Kanchipuram, He beckoned everyone to chant Vishnu Sahasranamam.  Then, He said that two questions were in his mind – on e – which was the prime deity in this Kali Yuga, and second, which deity has the most number of temples in India.  Instantly, a devotee said that he had been to Germany and that a German professor researching on Vishnu Sahasranama found around 700 names of the thousand to be apt for Hanumanji too – like Vayu Vahana, Sarva praharanayata, kapiravyaya, guhyah, gabirah, Vegavanamitashana etc.

The term ‘kapi’  in Sanskrit (‘kavi’ in Tamizh) denotes monkey / Hanumanji. [Tamizh literature mention ‘vaankavi’ (as male monkeys) – in poems about the beauty of Courtrallam.]

Sri Mahaperiyava was very happy hearing this.  Another information was also shared that during a travel in North India it was noticed that every ‘gali’ (lane) had a Hanuman Temple, like how Ganesha temples are commonplace in the South.  Devotees like Sri Vyasaraya constructed thousands of Hanuman temples,  and Samartha Ramadasa constructed 732 temples of Hanumanji in the North to prevent spread of Islam.

At that time, a few devotees from Tanjore came to get his permission to construct a Hanumanji temple near the Tanjore railway station, as a friendly monkey that use to habit in the bazaar accidentally got electrocuted a few days ago. A 7 year old boy who ran errands in one of the shops there had suggested this idea.  The Sage was moved by the consecutive incidents, and said He had got answers to His questions.

Ashwattama, Bali, Vyasa, Hanuman, Vibheeshana, Krupa, Parashurama – these are the Seven ‘Chiranjeevis’ mentioned in our scriptures.  Ashwattama was Drona’ son, infamous for his misdeeds during the Mahabharata war.  King Mahabali, still in the Patala Loka, performs Hari Nama Kirtan.  Vyasa Bhagavan is the one who split the Vedas into 4 and gave us all the other scriptures –

Achatur vadano brahma dvibAhuraparo harih aphaAla lochanashambuh bhagavAn bAdarAyaNi ||

[Sage Vyasa is none but Brahma without 4 faces, Vishnu with two arms and Shiva without the third eye].

Krupacharya was the teacher of the Kauravas.  Parashurama, a great warrior was Jamadagni’s son, who is said to be in Konkan India (Parasurama kshetra).  Vibheeshana, the brother of Ravana, blessed by Rama is a Chiranjeevi ruling Sri Lanka.

Hanuman is the Chiranjeevi – who is still performing Nama Sankirtan at Kimpurusha Varsham in a peak called Hemakoota in the Himalayas, in the auspices of Lord Seetha – Rama and Tulsi Devi  (‘rangavalli’).   He eternally performs the Nama Sankirtan of ‘Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama’ and singing the Kalyana Guanas of Lord Rama (as said in Bhagavatam, Vishnu Dharama, Ramacharitamanas etc.)

The satsang ended with Mahamantra Kirtan.


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