May 13: Glory of Hanumanji – 3

13 May

The 16th of May 2011 was the Jayanthi day of Lord Narasimha. We all know that all incarnations of the Lord had a specific purpose to accomplish.
The Lord manifested as a fish ‘Matsya’ to enable us cross through the ocean of deluge [pralaya] and to safeguard the Vedas and the Satvik Guna during the deluge. The Lord came down as Varaha to protect the Mother Earth and as Koorma Avatar to give balance to the Mandara Mountain during the churning of the ocean of nectar. If we see the later Avatars of the Lord as Rama and Krishna, even though they came down with a specific agenda, they did more than what they had envisioned. Rama’s incarnation was to establish Dharma and how human beings should tread the path of Dharma, and that the Lord enacted this very precept. The Avatar of Lord Krishna was to propagate the path of Bhagavatha Dharma. However, Lord Rama and Krishna depicted various precepts during their Avatars. If there is one Avatar, who was razor focused on only one specific purpose it is verily Lord Narasimha. The very purpose of this Lord Narasimha was to protect the truth. It is said in Srimad Bhagavatham
Satyam vidAtum nijabhrutya bhAshitam vyAptim cha bhUteshu akhileshu chAtmanah |
adrushyata atyadbhuta rUpamudvahan stambhe sabhAyAm na mrugam na mAnusham ||
The Lord manifested as Narasimha to corroborate the truth. Our Guru Maharaj in one of his compositions expounded on the different truths that the Lord descended down to protect.

Firstly, He came down to keep the promise he had given to Arjuna.

“Yada Yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavathi bharatha”
“Abhyuthanam Adhramasya Tadatmanam Srijami aham” [Bhagavad Gita 4.7]
“Paritranaya Sadhunam Vinashaya Cha Dushkritam
Dharamasansthapnaya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge.” [Bhagavad Gita 4.8]

The Lord confided in Arjuna that whenever there is a decay of righteousness, the Lord will manifest to reinstate dharma and to protect the Sadhus. The Lord came down as Narasimha to keep up the promise.

“Jaya Vijayaebhyo Dhatta Vakya Paripalanaya” – The Sanakadis once went to Vaikunta to meet the Lord when they were stopped by Jaya and Vijaya, who were the gatekeepers for Vaikunta. This act instigated anger and hence Sanakadis casted a curse that Jaya and Vijaya will be born as Asuras on the Earth for three births and that they will then realize how difficult it is to be in separation of the Lord. When this dialogue was happening, the Lord stepped in and clarified that these course of events was his very Sankalpa. He also confided his hidden agenda of his future incarnations and assured Jaya and Vijaya that they will reach the Lord after three births and that the Lord himself will come and take them along. The Lord manifested as Lord Narasimha to keep up the promise to Jaya and Vijaya.

“Vidhina Dhatta Vakya Paripalanaya”- Hiranyakashipu went to the Mandara mountains to do intense penance. His tapas was so severe that the Ant hills covered Hiranyakashipu and devoured his body. Lord Brahma immensely pleased with his penance came down in his swan airplane in search of Hiranyakashipu. He was unable to locate Hiranyaskashipu and so he sprinkled water in the ant hills until he located Hiranyakashipu. Upon locating him who was akin to a cloud covered sun, Lord Brahma said, “Oh Son of Kashyapa, your penance has borne fruit”. And that his mere presence was a testimony that. He gave a benediction to Hiranyakashipu to ask for a boon and so he asked that he should not encounter death through any living or non-living beings, not meet death either during morning or night and requested that he should not be dead inside nor outside and neither on land nor in air, and requested that he should have no rival and that he be the only king.The stipulations laid by Hiranyakashipu baffled Lord Brahma but he granted the boon. The boon being a special one and in order to make the boon come true, the Lord incarnated as Lord Narasimha, as a half human and half lion, a creation not done by Lord Brahma.

“SuraGanaya Dhatta vakya paripalanaya”
Hiranyakashipu conquered everyone and all the three worlds but his hatred against Lord Vishnu never subsided. Unable to bear his atrocities, the Devas went and approached the Lord in kshIrabdi, the ocean of milk for help. The Lord listened to the Devas and mentioned that time will come when Hiranyakashipu will meet his own end and that they will have to wait patiently until that time. The Lord assured the Devas that Hiranyakashipu will be vanquished very soon whenever he shows hatred towards the Vedas, Devas, the Cows, the Brahmanas, the Sadhus, and Dharma and to the Lord Himself. The Devas quipped saying that these brutal acts were already being done by Hiranyakashipu and the Lord denied this remark and said that whenever Hiranyakashipu insults Prahlada, he will descend immediately and slain him and thus the Lord gave this as a promise to the Devas. In order to make this promise come true, the Lord manifested as Lord Narasimha.

When Prahlada was born, his father sent him to a Patashala for his education. One day he pulled Prahalda aside and asked him to expound on the subject that interested him a lot. Prahlada’s face lit up and very happily elucidated the nine steps of Bhakti [Nava Vida Bhakti] to Lord Hari. The distraught Hiranyakashipu’s face turned red with anger upon hearing Lord Hari’s from Prahlada. He immediately ordered him to be killed and the Asuras tried all different ways to slain him but all in vain. Prahlada was sent back to school and one day when Chanda and Amarka, his tutors stepped out, Prahlada lectured on Bhagavatha Dharma to all his fellow Asura kids and soon turned all of them into Bhagavathas. When Chanda and Amarka returned and after realizing whatever had happened, they took him to Hiranyakashipu, whose anger knew no limits when he heard that Lord Hari is the all-powerful one. Prahlada immediately laughed and said that Lord Hari is the one who is empowering everything in this world. His father immediately said “Oh Prahalda if Lord Sri Hari is empowering me, then please have him come in front of me!”.
Hiranyakashipu then showed Prahalda a nearby pillar and threatened him that he would kill him otherwise if the all-powerful Lord is not seen inside the pillar. Prahlada was only able to perceive the Lord in the pillar while his father could only envision the pillar as a mere block of concrete. – “Hari sarvatra Drishyatae”. He took his trident and banged the pillar with all his mighty strength. Suddenly they heard a sound that was heard even in the world of Devas and the Lord came out in order to totally endorse Prahlada’s statement that the Lord was indeed in the pillar.

“Garaladha Kayadhusutha vakya paripalanaya”
Kayadhu is mother of Prahalda and even Vedas have spoken about Kayadhu. Our Guru Maharaj sings in his kirtan that Lord Narasimha manifested to make Kayadhu’s son’s words true. His father tried to poison him, trampled him by an elephant, pushed from atop a hill and after surviving he still had unflinching faith on Lord Sri Hari.

The prime reason for Lord Nrisimha’s incarnation was for the little child Prahlada – who incessantly chanted the Divine Names of the Lord. Lord Nrisimha descended to keep up the promise of our Guru Maharaj and all the other proponents of the Bhagavata Dharma — that Lord Hari will bestow his darshan unto all his devotees who chant His Divine Names.

After a brief round of introductions followed Sri Narayanaswamyji’s lecture on Hanumanji.

One should approach Hanuman with humility and should be devoid of any ego. What is humility? Let us substantiate the term humility with some examples. Chaintanya Mahaprabhu always preached that one should be as humble as a grass and should be patient akin to a tree. There once lived a king called Pratapasimha. He once came to know about Mahaprabhu’s visit to Puri and sent his ministers to invite Mahaprabhu to the palace; however Mahaprabhu gently refused in spite of several invitations. Days passed by and it was the time for Jagannath Mahotsav and everyone was busy making elaborate arrangements for the Utsav. The king, Pratapasimha himself took a broom and started to sweep the streets of Puri not for any outward publicity. Mahaprabhu witnessed this scene and invited the Prince to come and see him. Mahaprabhu gave one of his shawls as a gift for the king. The king witnessing the sequence of events was moved to tears and became a great devotee of Mahaprabhu. This incident goes to show the king’s humility.
This incident is from the life-history of Mahaperiyavaa. Once, Mahaperiyavaa was camping in Elayathangudi near Karaikudi. He normally met with scholars wherever he went and talked to them about various topics of interest. He met a rich Tamil scholar by name Katiresan Chettiar. Everyday Katiresan Chettiar met Mahaperiyavaa and on the day before his departure, Mahaperiyavaa requested Chettiar to accompany him to the next village. When he was about to depart with his entourage, he looked for Chettiar from his palanquin and was not able to spot him. When they reached the next village, Mahaperiyavaa enquired about Chettiar and Chettiar humbly came in front of him. He said “Mahaperiyavaa, I did accompany you. I was one among the palanquin bearers”. Upon hearing this, tears rolled over from Mahaperiyavaa’s cheeks. He said, “How could you do this? You are an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.” Chettiar very politely replied, “Mahaperiyavaa, you are a re-incarnation of Lord Shiva and I am His servant!” This clearly shows how an affluent man was so humble and a simple life that he was living.
Hanumanji is known for his adept skills in fine arts and he took tutelage from his Guru, Dakshinamoorthy. Once, Sage Narada visited KimPurusha Varsha after knowing the greatness of Hanumanji’s music talent from Prahalada. Upon reaching, Sage Narada started to play his Mahati Veena. The music from the Veena was so enchanting and Hanumanji started to dance to the tunes. Sage Narada then requested Hanumanji to render a song. When he started to sing, Sage Narada placed the Veena on a nearby rock and was listening to the rendition with rapt attention. Hanumanji’s music even enthralled the rocks and the rock on which the Veena was placed started to melt. When Hanumanji completed his performance, the rock slowly started to solidify but the Veena was trapped inside. So Sage Narada requested Hanumanji to render the same kirtan again and hearing his beautiful notes, the rock melted again and Sage Narada procured his Veena. This incident goes to show his adroitness in fine-arts.
The satsang concluded with prayers and Namasankirtan.


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