Jun 10: Kardhama’s Tryst with Bhagavan

10 Jun

‘Kalaye sundarakaram sadaika priyadarshanam
Agnaana naashakam devam sadgurum muralidharam’ 

At the onset of any task we undertake, let us meditate on that pristine and beautiful form – ‘sundaraakaaram’ of the Sadguru.  When we sit and observe our Guru Maharaj, His Holiness Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, one can see the beauty of his divine form – every part of it.  His face, beautiful smile, powerful eyes, long hands, soft and tender feet – Many devotees have done no sadhana than being in the vicinity of the Sadguru and enjoying His darshan alone. A devotee of Periyavaachaan Pillai, who was a dud, did nothing but enjoying the beauty of the Guru’s form, like Totakacharya, and was bestowed with Jnana enough to write a grantha called ‘Musala Kisalayam’!

How can we relate to the beauty?  Soon after a mother delivers a baby and holds it in her hands, wouldn’t she think that it is the most beautiful thing on earth ever created!  Her ‘dhyana’ is on her baby!  Is the beauty of the Guru’s form like that?

After a couple is united in marriage, the husband’s thoughts are ever on the wife, who is stunningly gorgeous. Is the beauty of the Guru’s form like that?

These are nowhere close in comparison to the beauty of the Guru’s form.  The mother’s enjoyment of the baby’s form fades away as time passes, so does that of the husband.  We have all been that child, that parent, that husband, that wife, no?  When it comes to mundane relationships these don’t last long.  But the beauty of the Guru’s form is the same that we saw on day one, imprinted in our heart with his pleasant countenance and beautiful smile – as a ‘nithya yuva’ (ever young) without aging! In fact it only goes to get better!

‘Sadaika Priyadarshanam’ – Sadaika – goes to signify that the darshan alone is enough for a devotee, although he can bestow anything and everything.

A wealthy businessman once decided to give away money in charity. So handing over blank check leaves to his accountant, he asked that he fill in any amount that any person may ask in charity not exceeding $10,000, no questions asked!  And a poor fellow who is starved for money wants to get past the weekend and begs for $500.  What a fool he is, isn’t he?

Likewise,  the Guru can bestow anything and everything that we may ask for (like passing exams, job, marriage, etc.).  But what is that which he is willing to give us?

‘agnaana naashakam devam’ – He is ready to destroy ignorance in us, and by that, we get everything else – just like a million dollars contains a thousand dollars, a ten thousand dollars and a dollar too!

The Guru has a very clear path defined for each one of us.  We know we are in ignorance, and have to transcend this ocean of samsara. But when we go and ask him something, we inadvertently end up making ourselves a long path as we get astray by trying to crave for things in the tangent.  So the shorter the path the better – that is one which takes shorter time and distance.

Then what is the shortest path – which doesn’t have any time and distance factors! ‘Here and now!’  People instantly remark that it is impractical to attain that ‘knowledge’ hear and now!  But this sloka explains it! – Sadaika Priyadarshanam – When you have no wants but to enjoy the darshan of Guru Maharaj – that moment our ignorance is completely destroyed!

So let us not generate any needs/wants.  That will make us become a part of His!  Just like not expecting a portion of the rich man’s charity makes  him make us a joint owner of  his bank account!

Following a round of introductions Sri Sriramji continued with the satsang talk.

When the universe was in Prayala, the Devas had a deep desire in creation, but they didn’t have the power to create even though they represented the 5 elements that created the Universe.  So they prayed to the Lord requesting Him to create.  When the Lord asked for the reason to perform creation, the Devas seemingly remarked, ‘Lord! How long will we swirl in this darkness of ignorance! Only if you create the Universe, incarnate and perform leelas in the Universe, can we sing about it and get liberated!’.  Pleased by their note, the Lord created the Universe and firstly came down as Varaha Avatara as a wild boar – signifying ‘Satyam’ (truth), ‘Jnana’ (knowledge) and ‘Dharma’ (righteousness) to retrieve the Earth and asked Brahma to continue creation.

Brahma, then taking the guidance of the Lord started Creation.  Firstly the Sanakaadis (Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanaathana, Sanatkumara) were created, followed by Ekadasa Rudras, Nava Prajapatis (Marichi, Kardhama etc.) and a couple – Svayambuva Manu  and Shatarupa.  The couple had three daughters – Ahuti, Devahuti and Prasooti and two sons – Priyavrata and Uttanapada – spoken of between 3-7 cantos.

Brahma established the city ofBarhishmati and installed Manu as the first king.  Manu established the Manu Dharma – which is the Arya Samskruti which was pervasive everywhere.  The term ‘Man’ has its root from the Sanskrit word – ‘Manava’ – ‘manushyah’, ‘manujaah’, ‘mrithyaah’, ‘naraah’. The tamil word ‘Manidhan’ (as well as the other languages) owe its root to the Sanskrit ‘Manu’.   In addition, many historical excavations and findings corroborate the fact.

Speaking about the daughters of Manu, Ahuti was married to Ruchi, Prasuti to Daksha Prajapati and Devahuti to Kardama Prajapati.

Kardama Prajapati, a son of Brahma was instructed by Brahma to be in Grihastashrama (life of a householder) and continue progeny, but he ended up doing ‘tapas’ (penance) for 10,000 years in Deva Calendar.  Unfortunately the Lord did not appear! When he broke his penance, he realized that the Lord cannot be bound by anything!   But we know He came down for Dhruva’s penance, didn’t he?  The Lord indeed came down for Dhruva’s devotion which manifested as penance, following the instruction of his Guru!

When Kardama realized that the Lord cannot be bought by one’s penance, He developed a yearning for Him, and at that moment, the Lord appeared.

As a quick digression, this happened in our own lives as well.  Last year in October, my wife had a desire to go toIndiaand have Guru Maharaj’s darshan, but didn’t have any plan whatsoever.  Her desire became very deep and something transpired in my workplace that I had to take my vacations and we decided to go toIndiain a notice of 4 days.  Interestingly we booked our tickets (we got the cheapest fare in the last 10 years!) and landed up in Chennai.  When we had Guru Maharaj’s darshan, he remarked to me that it was indeed a surprise.  But he turned to my wife and said, ‘you should be happy now!’  Indeed when one’s desire to see the Lord is deep, the entire universe conspires to make it happen!

The Lord was extremely wonderful – He appeared in pristine white from head to toe – white attire, white ornaments, including the lotus which was white in color (He appears in White color in Krita yuga).  And his countenance bore his lotus like lips which blossomed with a smile – a smile that touched the heart of Kardhama.  When one enters the Madhurapuri Ashram, one would experience this with the enchanting smile of our Guru Maharaj – that which Kardhama experienced!

Kardhama , enjoying this darshan, sways left and right and the Lord quickly enough understood what Kardhama was searching for!  The head of Garuda on which Bhagavan flew, was obstructing the vision of the Lord’s chest – and hence the Lord jumped up and putting His Feet on Garuda’s shoulders, stood! What a wonderful darshan!  Indeed is there a greater benefit than having His darshan? (laaboh mat darshanAdibih!)

‘How on earth is it possible for one to remember worldly issues even after having the darshan of your wonderful form, oh Lord!’, Kardhama asked of Bhagavan.  It is likened  to a worm walking towards a sewer, even after being rescued, tends to move towards the sewer!  ‘You are smart that you wanted to give your darshan and take people ashore but your Maaya is smarter and more dangerous, it will make people not realize your greatness.’ And the Lord gives another smile. As if asking Kardhama if he had overcome the Lord’s Maya himself!

Quickly Kardhama responds, ‘I am also drowning in your Maya! I wish for a wife who should be aligned to me and my purpose of life!’  Stumped by Kardhama’s request, the Lord smiled again, as if asking,’after all, is it for such a prayer that you performed penance for 10000 years!’   Kardhama replied that he was seeking that he was acting as per his father’s wish and trying to get around with the worldly.

The Lord replied that he knew Kardhama’s heart and intent.  Further Kardhama Prajapati gives us advises about how deadly this samsara is and why we should shun ‘loka dharma’  and embrace the Lord’s Feet.  He goes to do a beautiful stuti unto the Lord, hearing which the Lord shed tears of joy.  This became the ‘Bindusaras’ lake.  Pleased, the Lord blessed him with the following words, ‘Svayambuva Manu will come seeking your hand for his daughter Devahuti whom you may marry!  And Devahuti shall be a Pativrata of the highest order and I shall be born to you as a child!’

The Lord turned back, showing the beauty of his back to Kardhama for him to enjoy and relish, and flew away.

May we also yearn for the Lord without any other desires and surely, the Lord will come down as he came down for Kardhama!

The satsang ended with prayers and Nama Sankirtan.

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