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Dec 12: Tiruppaan Azhwar, Tirumangai Azhwar and Nama Sankirtan

12 Dec

The Friday telecon began with Nama Sankirtan lead by Sankarji from San Jose. 13 families tuned into the satsang from different parts of the country. The agenda for the telecom satsang was outlined – . It is an hour-long satsang, which begins and ends with Namasankirtan. After the first 10 minutes of Nama Sankirtan, a quick round of introductions follows. Then one of the satsang members gives a short discourse for 15-20 minutes on any topic related to Sanatana Dharma. Upon the conclusion of the discourse, it is then opened to questions/discussions relating to that lecture. The last 10 minutes includes any satsang related announcements and is wrapped up with Nama Sankirtan.

Zenithaji from Houston gave this week’s satsang talk. She enthralled the devotees with a brisk talk on the importance of Nama Sankirtan.

“We have all been enjoying many satsangs and have also been doing Nama Sankirtan for a while. So by now, we would have realized the conspicuous blissful impact associated with Nama Sankirtan. How can one be so sure of this blissful impact? In general, people never do anything without really understanding the benefit of doing an action in some form or the other. Even if one is not able to explain the benefit of chanting the Nama, there is indeed a divine impact that can be proclaimed. Some may call it peace, while others call it as a sense of calmness.

Even though there are many paths to attain the bliss, Nama Sankirtan is one of the easiest and infallible paths to reach the ultimate. There are no eligibility criteria to partake in chanting the Divine Name of the Lord.”

She substantiated this with our Guru Maharaj’s kirtan

Bhagyam Ullore Varungal
Parandaman Pugazh Pada

Our Guru Maharaj calls out to all the fortunate people to chant the Divine Names of the Lord.”

She beautifully told that one is fortunate to chant the Divine Names of the Lord because of the punya accrued in one’s previous birth.

“There was a guy who was walking down the street. He was immersed in thoughts that he was not aware of a nearby ditch. He fell into the ditch and made many futile efforts to get out of that ditch. A person passed by and seeing him in that state, offered him help. The guy who was in the ditch, instead of taking help from him, started to doubt the ability of the passer-by in helping him get out of the ditch. The passer-by just asked him to hold the rope and convinced that guy of his abilities to retrieve him from the ditch. The guy was now convinced on the passer-by’s ability but then started doubting the rope. He knew the fact that he couldn’t get out of the ditch by himself, he then harbored suspicion on the passer-by who offered help and lastly he doubted the tenacity of the rope!

Friends, we are all in the same state as the guy in the ditch. We are drowned in the ocean of samsara and we fail to understand the compassionate nature of our Sadguru and the grace that he is showering on us by explaining the strength and power of Nama Sankirtan. The only favor our Sadhguru asks us is to chant the divine name and we question the power of it.

Our Guru Maharaj clears all our concerns by the singing the following lines “
Annai meera sendra vazhi edhuvae
Arumai guruvum seppu mozhi idhuvae
Tarunam idhai nazhuva vidadir
Hariin madiyil ammarthidalamae “

He says that Nama Sankirtan is a proven path of success, which we can clearly see in the life history of Meerabhai, Sant Tukkaram, Sant Tulasidas and other great Bhaktas. He requests one and all to not miss this opportunity. By chanting the Divine Name of the Lord, He says, one is not only liberated from the ocean of samsara, but we also get to sit in the very lap of Lord.

Hari kirthanthuku nigarrillai kan
Parisramam illai avanai pada
Vedathin saram hariyin namam
Edhum aayam illai idhuvae thinnam

He says there is nothing more powerful than Chanting the Divine Names of the Lord. Our Guru Maharaj just requests one and all to hold on to the rope of Nama Sankirtan and he will free us from the ocean of samsara. He extols the power of Divine Name by equating it to the essence of Vedas.”

She lucidly explained the analogy between a boat and human being.

The physical form of every human being is just like a boat and every boat can float on the water. But can all the boat reach the shore? A boatman is essential to rove the boat to the shore. The boatman is our case, is none other than our beloved Sadguru. In addition to the boatman, the weather conditions should be favorable in order for the boat to reach the shore. Similarly, the divine grace along with our Sadguru’s compassion and Nama Sankirtan can get one to reach the shore for sure.

The only vision of our sadguru is that every person in every nook and corner of the world should chant the divine names of the lord. He has beautifully sung “
Ore analiyil nam anaivarum koodi
Dharani thanil avan pugazh pada Kalamegamum ketu maguzha
Muralidharanum pannindu nindran “

It says we should join as a team to spread the power of Nama and make everyone chant the Divine Name. ‘Kalamegam’, the deity of the Lord Perumal, which is a ‘Divyadesam’ is situated close to Madurai in Tamil Nadu. Thirumangai Azhwar has sung in praise of Kalamegam Perumal. 11th of December happens to be the thirunakshatram (birth star) of Thirumangai Azhwar. If one preaches the power of Divine Name to this world, then Kalamegam himself is very pleased. What more do we need to make the lord happy?

With our Guru Maharaj’s grace bestowed on all of us, we should all take a step ahead and go out and reach out to the world and spread the glory of Nama Sankirtan and thereby fulfill our Guru Maharaj’s vision.

After the lecture, Nama Chanting program on the New Years’ eve was brainstormed. An hour-long relay program over telephone where all the devotees across the country can join the Nama Sankirtan is currently in the works.

Aravindji from Orlando summarized the satsang activities in the Orlando area. They have Nama Sankirtan interspersed with our Guru Maharaj’s kirtans. Following this they have a satsang talk.

Narayananji mentioned the satsang activities in Nashua, New Hampshire on December 13th.

Poojya Poornimaji’s satsang programs in Houston were also announced – Sri Kamalesh’s residence on Gita on the 13th and the talk in Tamil on “Vidhiyum Karunaiyum” at Bharthi Tamil Mandram on the 14th instant.

Sri Thiagarajan from Dallas briefed on the satsang activities in their area.

Sujathaji from San Jose mentioned the auspiciousness of December 13th. It happened to be Narayaneeya Dhinam and is celebrated in Guruvayoor in a grand manner. Sriman Narayneeyam was written by Narayana Bhattatri. It consists of 100 dasakas and each one was written in a day and was completed in 100 days.

It is considered very holy to chant Narayaneeyam on that day. She requested all the satsang members to remember Lord Guruvayoorappan on this very auspicious day. In Guruvayoor, a Narayaneeyam saptaham is conducted for 7 days.

12th December also happened to be the birth star of Tiruppan Azhwar, whose 10 verses ‘Amala Adhiparaan’ glorifying Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam finds its place in Nalayira Divya Prabandham.

The satsang concluded with Nama Sankirtan for the last five minutes.